ABS of the Year

Aspire Law

Aspire Law wins ABS of year for the outstanding advice it provides for those seeking compensation for spinal cord injuries. The firm launched in October 2014 through a social enterprise partnership between spinal cord injury charity Aspire and personal injury specialist Moore Blatch. The board consists of three members from each organisation meaning the firm’s charitable vision and legal expertise compliments each other equally. Clients who use Aspire Law keep 100 per cent of the compensation while half of the firm’s profits are reinvested back to the spinal cord charity. By dedicating itself solely to those with spinal injuries Aspire Law was able to research and discover its clients specific requirements. This allowed the firm to provide greater face-to-face support and improved integration with wider support services.

As a result the firm now tackles all issues arising from spinal cord injury from housing and education to family support. Coming from a charitable background, keeping costs low is important for the firm. This began with low start-up costs achieved by deploying an in-house project management team.

The remarkable way the firm utilises its relationship with Moore Blatch means Aspire Law only employs lawyers when clients demand their services. This means Aspire Law’s salary costs are hugely reduced.

Runner up
  • gunnercooke

Gunnercooke has proved it is able to create an ABS focusing around the needs of its clients by asking:“How could your law firm service you better?” The firm found that above all else its clients wanted to use senior lawyers and budget certainty.

On the back of this the firm has guaranteed that all its lawyers will have a minimum 10,000 hours of practice experience. By removing time sheets from the business Gunnercooke has also assured its clients that the fees agreed at the outset are the fees they will pay. Each client is offered unique value added services allowing Gunnercooke to differentiate itself from the competition.

Third place
  • Knights

Coming in third is Knights after a period of incredible growth following the attraction of private equity investment. Knights was the first ABS in the industry to receive private equity investment, which was received from James Caan’s Hamilton Bradshaw in 2013. Under CEO David Beech’s leadership the firm’s revenue has increased from £8.5m to £15m and its number of offices has doubled to more than 200. To get to this stage, Knights has made use of its ABS licence to offer value added services to its clients over a wider range of areas than was previously available.

  • CG Naylor
  • Kawa, Guimaraes & Associates Solicitors
  • Radiant Law